Feedback from our guest log book:

February 19, 2011: First visit to Millheim. Nice, quiet town. Excellent food & drinks. Will be back someday. -Phil & Shannon

March 4, 2011: Thank you for treating us to a stay at Triple Creek Lodge! The decor is fabulous...your vision & creativity shines throughout the entire lodge. We look forward to many more visits and wish you much success with this gem of Millheim -Becky & Mike, Connecticut

March 5, 2011: Thanks for having a great place to stay. It was a real surprise to find in this small town. The decor & cozy feel of the place I am sure will be a big hit. I hope you get put "on the map". We had a great midnight brewery tour, all surprise things like that make a holiday. - Mike & Fern, England

April 17, 2011: Great place to stay! Nice atmosphere, comfortable room, perfect addition to Millheim. - Jeff & Joanne

July 9, 2011: We enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Millheim. We visited Penn's Cave (highly recommended) and we hiked a variety of trails at Poe Paddy State Park (also highly recommended). The Triple Creek Lodge was fantastic...we LOVED the rustic feeling of the lodge!! We definitely plan to return for a subsequent visit in the near future. We will cherish our memories and look forward to making many new memories in the future! Thank you for your hospitality! - Sharon & Brian

August 23, 2011: Here for a work event at Woodward Camp and am so pleasantly surprised by how cool your place is! Love the rooms-super cute and really creative. And the coffee shop is welcoming and adorable. -Lori, Wisconsin

Oct. 1, 2011: Wonderful fireplace & great environment. I could live here. - M., Oregon

Nov. 6, 2011: What a joyful, welcoming place! Slept great! Thanks for the breakfast and hot tea! - Guy

Feb. 8, 2013: Well, the bunk beds truly made me feel adventurous and young again. My friend and I laughed a lot, to be in our 5th decade and climbing into bunk beds. Seriously, the place is clean, charming, sweet and cozy. We will be back for a conference next year and have our eye on that king size room. The coffee shop downstairs is a nice perk and we enjoyed our dinners at Elk Creek Cafe. We will be telling our friends. - Maryann, Warfordsburg, PA

Jan. 18, 2014: The lodge is a haven. We got here and all of the worries & stresses of daily life dissolved and was replaced by a slow, quiet serenity. Thank you for working so hard to build a place that feels so special. - Joe & Julie

Feb. 23, 2012: Wedding anniversary get-away!! Can we live here forever? Thanks so much - Amy & Richard

March 20, 2012: What an awesome way to spend our 16th wedding anniversary! We love the attention to detail, the decor, and all you have done to make this a great place to stay. - Paul & Angie

April 6, 2012: Passing through town and was drawn into this awesome place. A hard day was made brighter. - Sam

June 23, 2012: Triple Creek Lodge has been an absolutely wonderful place for me to spend the weekend. I adored the Elk Creek Room and will recommend it to all my friends should they head this way. - Cleua, Brazil

Oct. 11, 2012: Thank you so much for your hospitality at the Triple Creek Lodge. This place is FABULOUS!!! I know we will be back again & again, it's just that much fun to be here! - Jim & Ann

Dec. 2012: We loved all the renovations. Great use of a canoe, fishing rods and antlers. Very cozy room. Enjoyed a DVD in bed. Wonderful coffee, scones, & muffins. Very cute back patio. Very inventive. We enjoyed being over a coffee shop, coming in at night for the warmth of the place. Had good fishing on Penns Creek, 4 browns caught. Thanks! - Jed & Joan, Laurel, MD

Dec. 26, 2012: We loved our stay at your cozy little lodge while visiting family in Millheim! It was fun walking through town in the snowstorm, shopping local, and enjoying live music at Elk Creek Cafe. We'll be back! - Erin & Paul

June 2, 2013: We came to Millheim for a show at Elk Creek Cafe. Neat town and we greatly enjoyed the lodge. - Dan & Eileen, Grand Haven, Michigan

March 7, 2014: I had the pleasure of visiting Triple Creek with my mother on a "girls-weekend". We stayed in the Pine Creek room. This place is incredible! Beautifully decorated and comfortable! Thank you for your hospitality!! - Erin, Cumberland, MD

April 19, 2014: Had a lovely time while in town for a family get together. What a charming place! - Jay & Patricia, Hilton Head Island

July 13, 2014: Finally had an opportunity to stay here after coming to the coffee shop on several occasions. Had dinner at the cafe and now plan on spending the day at the Arts Fest. Can't wait to come back. - Janet, Lancaster, PA

Aug. 11, 2014: Visiting my sons who are skateboarding at Woodward. Didn't know what to expect when I booked this online- just wanted to be close to my kids. What a nice surprise. It's like stepping into "Rewind" or "Pause". The small community feel really makes you re-examine the unnecessary hectic lifestyles most of us adopt. You have done and AMAZING reno. Everything a coffee shop & lodge should be. Gorgeous patio too. Thanks for pushing PAUSE on life! - Peggy

August 10, 2014: Millheim is our favorite weekend getaway from New York City, and the Triple Creek Lodge made this visit even better. We loved the cozy room and especially enjoyed the sitting room and patio. We'll def be back!! - Leah & Mike, NY

August 19, 2014: On a road trip around the eastern states and just so happened to stop for a coffee. What a lovely coffee shop. If we'd known about the rooms, we would have included a stay on our itinerary. There are 4 of us from Wales--that little country next to England. Yachi DDA-That's Welsh for Good Health-Alin, Wales

Oct. 4, 2014: Eleven days bicycling from Middlebury, VT 484 miles en route to Louisville, KY, then Ann Arbor, MI. Yesterday was first rain day and we made it here just in time for lunch & then all the fine folks in town convinced us (easily) to stay for the night. Thanks for the memories! - John & Jane, Maine

Feb. 14, 2015: We stayed in the Penns Creek Room. So comfy & filled with interesting forest decor. This place has such a warm and fun atmosphere. We loved hiking Paddy Mountain-we'll be back to bike the back roads & kayak. Loved the brewery too.-Rog & Mitz